Orbitrap Script 2.0

Analysis of MS phosphorylation

  • Script accepts psms text data files in tab separated format
  • Script accepts single zip file created according to following rules:
    • Zip file includes directories with sample names
    • Every directory has single file for qualitative analysis and number of files for quantitative analysis
    • Name of files for qualitative analysis and for quantitative analysis have to be distinguishable by unique identifiers, which can be specified below
  • At least 2 distinct files have to be supplied
  • For overview of accepted format see example files from sample_files.zip from human Dishevelled 2
  • All parameters have to be specified
  • Script produces 3 files.
    • Report for qualitative analysis with sample characteristics and peptide data
    • Summary of phosphorylations from every sample
    • Quantitative analysis of individual cluster phosphorylations
  • Result files are kept on server for 24 hours


PSMS file headers