Hi, I’m Igor Cervenka, biologist, crafter, masseur, computer enthusiast, well, the jack of lot of trades :) Welcome to my homepage, which I created mainly for the purpose of grouping together projects I have been doing for past several years. With pieces of photos and items scattered all over, I kind of lost track of their whereabouts and I could never find the correct one when I wanted to boast about them in front of my friends, which eventually ruined the moment :)

In the projects section you will find collection of items I created, divided into several sections. Although my primary specialization is molecular biology, I have always been drawn to computers. Even though I never became a professional programmer, I try to use computers extensively in my work to both to simplify it and to enhance the visuals of presentations and posters (making of which you really can’t avoid in our field).

Although the final outcome of the projects is not always as eye-pleasing as it was in my imagination, I try to improve constantly (which you can probably tell by looking at the work in chronological order :).

My biggest hope for this site is, that when you leave, you have seen something pretty, something that inspired you or improved your mood.

In case you like something from the gallery and would like to discuss it (for some of the things I am happy to provide blueprints or templates if you want to do your own), just head to contacts section and send an email to the provided address.